Titteringdales Country House, Grasmere Accommodation,

House Pictures.


To the right is the house as it looked in the early

1900's the then owners would have arrived at the

front door ( right ) on their horse and trap and

walked through the gate and then into the house,

the horse and trap would then have been led

around the then back of the house to the stable

which has now been converted into a small cottage.



  The picture on the left is the extension that
  was built onto the then back of the house in
 1937 adding a new front entrance flanked by
  two Dovcotes and a new car park, so if you
 arrive by horse you can use the entrance
 above and if you arrive by car you can use
  the  entrance on the left, and yes we have   had someone arrive on horseback travelling from Kendal to Carlisle.